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Host Experience Day Packages

Give your team a day to remember with a HOST Experience Day!

The pandemic has changed how many of us work. Rather than going into the workplace consistently, holding gatherings, and working intimately with your representatives, everybody is telecommuting. While facilitating gatherings with your group online permits you to see everybody and your group can utilize innovation to cooperate on projects, working somewhat isn't equivalent to being together in a similar space. 

HOST would like to bridge that gap and introduce HOST Experience Day Packages to help bring your team together for some bonding over fun activities. We offer a few different experiences to best fit your company and team. Get in touch today and our HOST events booking team will talk through the process and arrange your fun team day. 

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Cinema and Snack Day

This time, it’s personal. We wanted to make movies fun again, so we’ve created a night where you can talk, laugh, and munch as loudly as you like. ​

Enjoy a selection of weird and wonderful movie snacks before sitting down for a private viewing of a film of your choice. Plus, we won’t usher you out straight away. Keep the space until an agreed time to discuss the movie and bond as a team after the showing.​

Yap and Yoga

News broadcasts, rising living costs, the climate crisis. It’s a tough time for anyone’s mental health. Subsequently, a pint in a busy bar doesn’t always feel appropriate for a catch-up. That’s why we made a better kind of catch-up, designed to help you stretch and reset.​

Book one of our yap and yoga nights, beginning with an energising jean-friendly yoga session. Afterwards, experience a therapeutic yap over a nutrient-packed meal. We’ll also sprinkle the table with mental health prompts to make those hard conversations more manageable.

Art Show

Creativity is rarely in short supply, but sometimes it needs a nudge. Our paint your own gallery night at HOST will get your team's creative juices flowing for weeks to come.​

Paint a masterpiece on a personal canvas with gentle guidance from a professional artist. Then place your pieces around the HOST bar pop-up gallery & enjoy drinks as you inspect each other's curious handiwork.​​

Immersive Game Day

A team social like no other. Enter MediaCity’s pioneering Virtual Reality (VR) lab as colleagues, and leave as stronger team members. 

Choose from a selection of games and play or watch as a group for up to a few hours. Post gameplay, enjoy a few drinks and nibbles at our private bar before heading into our luxury cinema room to watch a game themed movie. 

Awards Brunch

In a remote-first world, emojis don’t communicate how brilliant our colleagues are. Nothing replaces the connections we make over great food and kind words.​

Bring your team together for a bountiful brunch at HOST. We’ll also supply 3D-printed trophies, a microphone, and a screen to recognise team achievements and stand-out personalities. ​

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