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5 tips to build a better team at work

How can I turn my department into a team?

Just twenty years ago, it was normal to work at one or two companies for your entire career. Today, individuals swap jobs more frequently and are more likely than ever to switch career paths. And when your staff keep leaving, building a happy and productive team becomes hard.

Do people leave teams because employers are missing something today compared to the past? Or do talented team members move on because it's easier to find new opportunities?

Unfortunately, there is no one cause. Everyone has a unique combination of reasons for moving on. Yet, HR, managers, and CEOs have plenty of tools to build and retain better departments. We don't mean tools like timesheets, pool tables, or free lunches.

The answer to building great departments lies in the relationships between your team; while company loyalty might be dying, team loyalty is just getting started.

Our 5 upcoming tips will help you to attract the best talent around Manchester & the North West and retain team members you already value.

Let's get started on 5 ways to build a better team at work:

1. Remove uncertainty by giving each team member clear responsibilities

Giving out relaxed responsibilities and role boundaries can be a positive way to run a team. Each team member is free to work on what they want when they want. But this management style doesn't tend to turn out as the proactive utopia you might have hoped.

Unclear responsibilities can make individuals feel insecure about the quantity and quality of their work compared to others. It can also leave no one feeling responsible for specific tasks as they know "someone else will pick it up".

Clearly define each team member's responsibilities, and ensure everyone in the team knows what others are working on. That way, individuals feel confident in their work and know when to work together.

2. Celebrate everyday achievements at work to positively reinforce a collaborative work environment

When you have a team of rockstars, it’s easy for their everyday achievements to go unappreciated. You expect your team to turn fantastic work day in and day out, so you should also celebrate it.

Don’t only reward your team for going the extra mile. Reward them for turning up with their best hand each and every day. By positively reinforcing their work with praise or fun social activities your team will encourage each other to keep up the good standards.

3. Have your own team vision

As we mentioned, company loyalty appears to be declining across the general job market. More and more people see changing companies as the quickest way to achieve a promotion or pay rise. But, a lack of company loyalty can give you an opportunity. Instead of worrying about making your team buy into the company vision, help them to create and buy into their own.

A team vision unites everyone through one belief system. As a result, everyone feels empowered to make decisions and voice ideas that will improve the overall team. Gather your team and create your team vision to help everyone see their ‘why’ and have a stronger reason to stay.

4. Create opportunities for organic teamwork

Clear roles and responsibilities help individuals to feel more secure in their work. But separate functions don't have to be isolating. Instead, you can turn your department into a cohesive team by creating natural opportunities to interact and communicate.

Use daily stand-ups and project management software to create organic opportunities for teamwork, similar to overhearing someone needing help in the office. Giving your department the power to self-identify collaborative projects will make them feel empowered and better connected.

5. Make time for inclusive team building activities

The most popular way to build a better team is to go on a team-building activity. But don't fall for the boozy bar trap. Bars are incredibly isolating for parents and people who don't drink for health or religious reasons.

Make time for inclusive team-building activities that tick these three boxes:

  • It's an activity that's easy for everyone to engage in
  • There is a common theme that everyone agrees with or is interested in
  • It is in an accessible and secure venue where everyone feels comfortable

HOST Experience Days offer 5 unique team-building evenings or daytime team-building activities. We've designed each to make teams feel closer through engaging activities like painting, streaming, and gaming.

Retain and attract happy, proactive staff by building a team, not just a department

As the cliche goes; work harder, play harder. We help Manchester and North West organisations achieve their growth and innovation goals through work and culture coaching. By helping so many organisations, we’ve seen how a tight-knit team can outperform any big investment in every area.

Try kick-starting your team transformation by browsing the 5 experience sessions we’re offering right now to businesses just like yours.


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