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There’s a lot more to an office than 4 walls and that’s something that MR Investa’s keen to highlight about HOST.


They’ve called HOST their home for the last 2 years and it’s been non-stop growth for the proptech company, which recently moved into an even bigger office space here in Salford.


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“Being born and raised in Salford, I always knew my office was going to be down here at the water. But finding the right place was most important, where you're going to be surrounded by the best people in the field that you're trying to breach,” explained MR Investa himself, Ryan Hughes.


He found HOST initially through joining one of our programmes, the rest is history…

“We did a cybersecurity programme which then led us to take a co-working space, which was fantastic. We met some great people, and then we turned that into a two person office, then built into a four person office, and then, as we weren't quite ready to jump to a large office, we managed to get two sort of smallish offices housing 7 to 8 people at one point myself giving up my desk to allow for that growth, to make sure we were bursting at the seams. And then 2024, we've now evolved into this, fantastic space,” he continued.

He added that the support from the HOST community is at the heart of this:

“I think the most important part for us is we’re property through-and-through starting at 15 years old on the building site, no technology experience, to being welcomed with open arms from not just the the office space, but also from the staff and from the individuals that work in here.


“They go: ’well, you should speak to this person.’ ‘You should speak to this person.’ ‘Well, actually, there's a business on this floor. You should speak to them.’ And it's continuously grew from there.

“We’re constantly, constantly growing, plus we’ve the continuous programmes and support, within the HOST community.”


Behind the bowler hat, which is synonymous with MR Investa, is some serious tech. The “MR”, in case you hadn’t realised, means Mixed Reality.


“We're able to compete on a worldwide market as an SME with some of the biggest players in the property industry, because we're far more advanced than any of them being based here. So stuff that we do with a 1-2-1 VR consultation for example, we're the only ones to offer that in the UK, and it's using real time technology to add benefits.


“Being here is not just for what's coming in the future. There's lots of stuff here for five, ten years down the line, which is why we've positioned ourself here. But it's the technology that we’re using now that benefits the VR viewings, because 95% of our stock is tenanted, we've got sports athletes, TV personalities in the public eye that don't want to be seen in the properties or don't want the tenants to see who's purchasing the property.

“So we can take the property to them anywhere in the UK, and people can invest from the comfort of their own home, on the go, in their office or at the training ground.”


MR Investa is an e-commerce buy-to-let marketplace selling completed and tenanted buy-to-let properties from one landlord to another landlord keeping the tenants in situ.


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