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How Mr Investa is changing the future of the property market

Ryan Hughes is the Managing Director and founder of Mr Investa, an innovative prop-tech eCommerce platform for the buy-to-let market. Founded in 2020, during the Covid pandemic, Mr Investa uses the latest developments in VR, AI and immersive technologies to give its clients a one-of-a-kind virtual property buying experience.

Ryan started his career in the property sector at a young age which led to a deep understanding of the issues that plagued the market. By age 19, Ryan was running a property portfolio worth over £12 million.

Over a number of years, Ryan honed his craft and truly learnt that the ‘customer is key.’ With that in mind, when the pandemic hit, Ryan seized the opportunity when he saw a gap in the market.

Mr Investa enables people to sell their tenanted buy-to-let property to another likeminded landlord. This unique offering helps protect tenants who are often displaced during the buying and selling process.


Ryan grew up in the heart of Salford, and staying close to his roots, he always knew he wanted to keep his business in the borough. MediaCity was therefore the obvious choice.

“Because I had this property experience… I watched the area transform and always knew MediaCity was where I wanted to be. And here I am! The two worlds finally collided.”

Mr Investa initially started in the Greenhouse in MediaCity. Ryan was then invited by a colleague to visit HOST. While he was there, he discovered that as a tenant of MediaCity, you could use the spectacular space at HOST Social for meetings, coffees and networking which he started to use.

Following on from that initial visit, Ryan found out about the Promote your Tech masterclasses at HOST. Sounding like a great learning opportunity, Ryan signed onto the programme. He found it really helped him explore new and innovative ways on how to pitch his business, shape his company’s values and talk about why he does what he does.

During the programme, he had the opportunity to view the immersive lab on the 4th floor at HOST.

“Viewing the immersive lab at HOST got my creativity working – and the ideas came! It opened up a multitude of doors.”

Ryan then started thinking about how AI, VR and immersive technologies could be applied to his business model. It was from that experience, that he developed a unique offering where clients could view multiple properties in a day, across the UK and from one location by using VR headsets and immersive technology.

The next big step…

Shortly after this, he discovered the Greenhouse was being demolished. This was an opportunity to move his business and become a HOST member - since then, he has not looked back.

As a HOST member, Ryan has participated in a number of other programmes including Cyber Salford, Fund your Tech, Sell your Tech and IN4 Access. Each programme has helped him hone his craft and develop his business further. In addition, he found the multitude of networking opportunities have helped accelerate his business growth.

“The benefit of HOST is not only the courses and networking events but the real community that exists here. Everyday I learn more about my business and about myself. It’s a no brainer that I should be surrounded by like-minded people and the HOST environment gives me that on a daily basis.”

Final takeaway

“Being here at HOST, makes you feel limitless… to see how far you can push boundaries. The real-time tech available at HOST adds a real tangible benefit, which helps you scale your business faster. It has opened up doors for me in ways I would never have normally had access to.”

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