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What is CyberFirst?

CyberFirst helps young people discover the dynamic industry of cyber security, what a job in cyber can lead to, and will help explore their passion for technology.

HOST, in partnership with the NCSC, delivers CyberFirst programmes to young people across the North West, making careers in technology more accessible.

CyberFirst Trailblazers

This is a free course created for Year 8 students. CyberFirst Trailblazers  will introduce students to the different opportunities that having a knowledge of how technology is used in the workplace can bring.

This course will showcase how Computer Science can play a key role in  future career prospects, and will be of particular benefit to those starting to consider the options available to them for their GCSE's.

What the students will do:

Go Create: Students will learn the basics of how to customise a website and generate enthusiasm about being able to contribute to digital infrastructure.

Digital Detective: Students will use digital forensics to identify the first person who has contracted a disease and learn how open source intelligence can lead to finding out more information about people.

Creative Computing: Students will learn how creative design, the arts and technology can work together. Focusing on the media industry and advertising, students will combine these elements to create their own advert sequence using stop motion whilst working in teams.

CyberFirst Adventurers

This course is a follow on from CyberFirst Trailblazers and is designed for Year 9 students, who are choosing which subjects to study at GCSE. This course will also help them gain an understanding of how studying Computer Science can improve their comprehension of how technology is used in the workplace and in their homes. 

This course has been designed to build enthusiasm for technology that is currently used and future technology. At the same time this course also helps combat the stereotype that studying Computer Science can only lead to Coding and Programming careers.

What the students will do:

The Data Games: Students will gain an understanding of Big Data by using it to create the perfect team using a set of sports results. They will then compare and contrast with other students to learn about how data can be interpreted.

Crack the Code: Students will work in teams, against the clock to unlock various devices, which will help them gain an understanding of cryptography and language analysis as well as allowing them to become familiar with cyber security terms.

Engineering: Students will learn how 3D printers have started to revolutionise the manufacturing industry and look at how engineering and technology work together. Students will then have the chance to create their own model using 3D design software.

Register for CyberFirst:

If you are interested in a CyberFirst programme for your school, please contact our Skills City Talent Manager, Rumana Ranguni via email -

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