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5 tips to build a better team at work

Be the first to try brand new Experience Sessions in MediaCity

“The team isn’t the same after three years of remote working.” 

“Our industry is changing so fast, I don’t know how to connect with my colleagues anymore.” 

“Now I’ve had kids, I feel like I’m falling behind because I can’t hit the put with my colleagues.” 

We talk to businesses of all shapes and sizes, and we’ve never seen such a substantial amount of people feel isolated and lost at work as we have in the last 12 months. 

So, we’ve done something about it. 

We created HOST Experience Days. Team socials made for the modern world. 

We designed the Experience Days to boost colleagues' trust, confidence, and connection. They are team-building activities and company socials that end with a tangible return on investment, not a headache or hangover.  

We’re launching 5 Experience Days to start, each one with a dedicated team-building focus like creativity or mental health. 

HOST Cinema Club - Designed to boost friendship in an unintimidating environment. Create your own cinema snacks and stream your old favourites to the big screen 

Awards Brunch - Designed to boost morale and pride. Share a delicious meal and create your personalised private award ceremony. 

Art Show - Designed to boost creativity. Paint and curate your company art gallery with canapes and drinks. 

Yoga and Wellness Evening - Designed to improve openness and mental health understanding. Experience jean-friendly yoga before taking part in conversation prompts about mental health. 

Immersive Games Night - Designed to improve teamwork and confidence. The first of its kind in MediaCity. 

Our sessions are hosted (no pun intended) at HOST Social in Blue Tower, MediaCity. We’re a carbon-neutral building, so not only are they the best team socials you’ll experience this year, but they are also perfect for brands concerned about the planet and their social responsibility. 

The bottom line on why you should try an Experience Session at HOST 

Team socials at bars and pubs are great for some of your team, but in 2022 we'll be bold enough to say they just aren't good enough. 

Our experience sessions use constructive and inclusive activities to help everyone connect at a deeper level.  

We also offer low and no alcohol packages for organisations who want to have fun without compromising a clear head in the morning. 

Enquire about the event that's caught your eye (or ask us for a recommendation based on your team's goals) by completing our booking form here. 

We can't wait to HOST you. 

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